March 2015 Newsletter Digest

Welcome to March 2015 Edition of our St Paul’s Nursery School Newsletter.

Bank Holidays 2015

Nursery will be closed for bank holidays on:
Friday 3rd April 2015
Monday 6th April 2015
Monday 4th May 2015
Monday 25th May 2015
Monday 31st August 2015

Christmas Closure

Nursery will close on Thursday 24th December 2015 at 4pm and re-open Monday 4th January 2016 at 7am
Please Note: Full fees are payable during these closures.

Easter Bonnet Parade

We will be holding our annual Easter bonnet parade on Thursday 26th March at 2.15pm. This is an opportunity for parents to make an Easter Bonnet with their child at home, and bring it to Nursery for the parade – prizes to be won.

You are welcome to come along to the parade to show your support.

Home Sheets

Home sheets are a great opportunity to add photos and writing of your children’s achievements, special events, or activities they have enjoyed at home. These will be used in your child’s learning journey, and to extend your
child’s learning at Nursery.

If you require more sheets these are located on the Notice board in each room, or ask a member of staff.

Self Help Skills

On arrival and departure at Nursery please take the time to encourage your child to take off/put on their own coat and hang them on their peg in their designated room. Staff will no longer take the child’s bag and coat off the parent.

If you are unsure where your child’s peg is please ask a member of staff, and they will be happy to show you. We would also appreciate if baby parents take the child’s belongings to the room and hang them on their child’s peg to ensure belongings do not go missing in other rooms.

5 A DAY: Turning “no way” into “hip hooray”

Struggling to persuade your children to eat their 5 A DAY of fruit and vegetables? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It can be difficult to get children to eat things they’ve made their minds up they don’t like, but it is possible. Here are some top tips:

Be patient – it can take a while to persuade children that they do actually like fruit and veg. Evidence shows that we need to be exposed to new tastes up to 20 times, so don’t give up if they don’t immediately like something. Just try again another day with the same food, perhaps in a different form. For example, if your child doesn’t like cooked carrots, try raw carrot sticks.

Take things slowly – They don’t have to have their 5 A DAY straight away. Build up slowly one portion at a time and use rewards such as a sticker if they try something new. Don’t forget that a child’s portion will be smaller than yours – a portion is a handful for whoever is eating it.

The art of disguise – ideally we would like our children to want to eat fruit and vegetables, but sometimes it is sensible to boost their intake by ‘disguising’ them in the dishes they enjoy. For example, mix some mashed carrot and sweet potato into mashed potato, add some sweetcorn and diced peppers to their pizza or add some grated carrot or courgette to their tomato pasta sauce.

Cook up a storm – Children can be more prepared to try new foods if they have cooked them themselves. So why not don your aprons and get peeling, chopping and grating. Visit and for some quick, simple and child-friendly recipes.

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We are pleased to welcome Louise Jones and Kainaat Zaigham to the staff team.

Louise will be working towards her level 2 in childcare, and is based in the Toddler Room, and Kainaat is a qualified member of staff based in the Baby Room.

Annie Wright
Nursery Manager

About the author: Susan Barter